Returning Displaced Mae Tha Wor Villager Loses Lower Leg in Landmine Explosion

A displaced villager from the Mae Tha Wor area of Hlaingbwe Township, Karen State stepped on a landmine as he and other...Karen News

Karen National Defense Organization: Statement on Karen Revolution Day

Today, January 31, 2017 is the 68th Anniversary of Karen Revolution Day, which may be termed more precisely as the Karen Revolutionary Resistance Day. Sixty-eight years ago, power-mad....BurmaLink

How Would A Federal Burma Under The Existing State Boundary Disadvantage Karen State and Karen Community

Karen Border Guard Force: Enemy Collaborator or A Partner Who We Can Count On?

It is commonly agreed by experts, political analysts, ethnic communities and foreign leaders that federalism will be the best political system in Burma to resolve the country’s decades old armed conflict between the central...Read more

The current DKBA-BGF conflict marks yet another dark chapter in our Karen history and our endeavor to build unity and solidarity in our struggle for freedom, equality, and democracy. The conflict has once again reminded us how far we still have to go in resolving our differences, understanding, and unity before we can move on to the next chapter in our quest for a promised land...Read more

At its Central Executive Committee meeting on November 10, leaders and representatives of the Karen National Union decided to postpone its upcoming congress, slated to be held some time this month, for another three to six months. No specific date and time has been given when the congress will eventually take place....Read more

Karen Times interviewed Saw Po Clee, a high ranking member of the KNU's team leading Karen armed groups on a tour of Indonesia's Ache province to study and learn more about peace process in that country. 

It was no secret that under President Thein Sein’s government the Karen National Union was it best supporter and ally of any ethnic armed groups. For the past five years relationship between....Read more

Burma Peace Process and Proxy Economic Counter-Insurgency

For most of its first forty years of sixty seven resistance history, roughly from 1949-1994, the Karen National Liberation Army had engaged in mass battles with the Burma Army with deadly results on both sides. ....Read More

Karen Representatives Finalized Draft Policy Papers For February’s Union Peace Conference

The Karen people have finalized the draft policy papers on the four sectors that will be proposed at the upcoming 21st Century Panglong Conference or the Union Peace Conference....BNI

Padoh Mahn Sha Assassinated in 2008… His Words, His Legacy Survive

In the weeks before he was murdered in February 2008, the Karen leader, Padoh Mahn Sha Lah Phan, in an interview with Phil Thornton, spoke about the importance of unity and why the ethnic.....BNI

Is There A Hidden Hand In the Postponement of the KNU Congress?

An Open Letter To Karen People At Home And Abroad

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How the Karen National Liberation Army Can Take on the Burma Tatmadaw With Less Resource and Manpower  

When Saw Htoo and his wife came to the United States in 2008 with three children, he was full of joy and hope to start a new life. Before coming to the U.S, Saw Htoo and his family had been living in....Read more

Since being transformed into a local militia group under the control of the Burma Army, the Karen Border Guard Force, a majority who formerly belonged to the Karen Democratic Buddhist Army led by Col. Chit Thu, has been acting as a reliable force and partner of the Burma Army in its war with the Karen armed groups....Read more

How Would the DKBA-BGF Conflict Undermine Short-term Karen Unity But Help the KNU Long-term Unity Goal

Over 7,000 IDPs at Mae Tha Wor facing food shortage

Over 7,000 internally displaced persons who fled from Mae Tha Wor area, Hlaingbwe Township, Karen State, due to the outbreaks of fighting in September, 2016, are facing the food shortages....BNI

KNU Readies Policy Recommendations

The Karen National Union (KNU) is prepared to submit its policy recommendations on federalism at the upcoming Panglong Peace Conference after holding the first round of Karen...Irrawaddy

Challenges and Opportunities for Karen Armed Struggle in a Democratic and Open Burma

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Statue of Slain KNU Leader to be Unveiled in Irrawaddy Delta

Children and relatives of Padoh Mahn Sha Lah Phan, the late leader of the Karen National Union (KNU), will unveil a memorial statue of their father in his hometown in the Irrawaddy Delta on Tuesday...Irrawaddy

"One of the real contributing factors to the conflict in Aceh was due to the unequal sharing of economic wealth between Gum and central Indonesian government. The central government, led by former dictator Suharto, controlled most of the natural resources in the province. Consequently this led to armed conflict." Read more

The Challenge of Balancing Pragmatism and Idealism in the Karen Struggle for Political Autonomy 

It is no secret that the majority of Karen people see continued armed struggle as a necessary course of action to realize our dream of freedom and an autonomous Karen state....Read more

KNU Chairman: Aims of Karen Resistance Not Yet Achieved

The ethnic Karen armed resistance movement commemorated 68 years of struggle on Tuesday. On the occasion, Saw Mutu Say Poe, chairman of the Karen National Union (KNU)....Irrawaddy

On September 1, leaders of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army released a statement declaring that they were prepared to launch major attacks on the Border Guard Force across areas they operate in response to the death of one of their leaders, Maj. Na Ma Ja, allegedly killed by a mahout he had abducted for ransoms...Read more

Sources say Chinese Authorities Meet KNU Leadership in Kunming

Chinese authorities met the chairman of the Karen National Union (KNU) in Kunming recently, and it is believed they discussed a role for the Chinese in Burma’s peace process....Irrawaddy

For Many US Karen Men, Being Left Heart Broken and Forced To Pay Child Support Is A Hard Pill To Tkae

When Padoh Ba Thein Sein was elected by the KNU Congress in 1998 as the new chairman of the Karen armed group, he recognized and made it known to the international community that KNU was fighting against not only....Read more

The Karen resistance movement was founded based on four guiding principles laid out by Saw Ba Oo Gyi, the father of modern Karen revolution.For many Karen nationalists, no matter at...Read Mores

As Aung San Su Kyi’s NLD Takes the Helm, What Does It mean for the Future Relationship Between the New Government and the Karen National Union? 


Peace and Trust in the Karen Hills

The peace process in Burma may be in crisis, not least due to widespread fighting and serious human rights abuses committed mostly by the Burma Army in Kachin and Shan states....Irrawaddy

On June 17, a battalion commander from the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army and twenty of his troops left their base and reunited with the Karen National Liberation Army, the military wing of the Karen National Union.....Read More

Most Karens Say Continued Armed Struggle Is Necessary, But Few Are Willing To Sacrifice and Contribute To Its Success

What Is Holding Up Unification Among the Karen Armed Groups?

With the November 2010 release of Aung San Sui Kyi from house arrest, visit of US Secretary of  State Clinton in November 2011, and ceasefire agreements of early 2012, a number of outside opportunists...Read more