First Group of Burmese Refugees in Thailand Repatriated

The first group of Burmese refugees sheltering in Thailand was repatriated by UNHCR, the United Nations’ refugee agency, and Thai authorities....Irrawaddy

Splinter DKBA Could Reunify with KNU

The Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (Splinter DKBA), which splintered from the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army (DKBA), will only reunify with the Karen National Union (KNU) after the two groups have held successful meetings....BNI

KWO Calls for End to Fighting in Ceasefire Areas

The Karen Women Organisation (KWO) called for an end to fighting between the Burma Army supported by Border Guard Forces (BGF) and the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (Splinter DKBA) in ceasefire areas of Karen State....BNI

How Would A Federal Burma Under The Existing State Boundary Disadvantage Karen State and Karen Community

It is commonly agreed by experts, political analysts, ethnic communities and foreign leaders that federalism will be the best political system in Burma to resolve the country’s decades old armed conflict between the central...Read more

"One of the real contributing factors to the conflict in Aceh was due to the unequal sharing of economic wealth between Gum and central Indonesian government. The central government, led by former dictator Suharto, controlled most of the natural resources in the province. Consequently this led to armed conflict." Read more

The Challenge of Balancing Pragmatism and Idealism in the Karen Struggle for Political Autonomy 

KNU and NMSP Reach Agreement to Prevent Future Conflict

Leaders of the Karen National Union (KNU) and the New Mon State Party (NMSP) reached an agreement to prevent future conflicts between each other following a skirmish between the two groups in September. Troops from the two groups exchanged fire near ....BNI

For Many US Karen Men, Being Left Heart Broken and Forced To Pay Child Support Is A Hard Pill To Tkae

Govt prepares for repatriation of 90 refugees

Around 90 residents of the Nu Po refugee camp in western Thailand have signed up for official repatriation to Burma. Saw Waw Keh, the chairman of Nu Po Refugee Camp Committee, said Burmese government officials visited the camp recently...DVB

Refugees from Mae Tha Wor Facing Difficulties

Over 1,000 Karen refugees who fled from Mae Tha Wor in Karen State to Karen villages close to the border with Thailand after fighting in September face difficulties with food supplies, accommodation and travel....BNI

Most Karens Say Continued Armed Struggle Is Necessary, But Few Are Willing To Sacrifice and Contribute To Its Success

When Saw Htoo and his wife came to the United States in 2008 with three children, he was full of joy and hope to start a new life. Before coming to the U.S, Saw Htoo and his family had been living in....Read more

With the November 2010 release of Aung San Sui Kyi from house arrest, visit of US Secretary of  State Clinton in November 2011, and ceasefire agreements of early 2012, a number of outside opportunists...Read more

KNU urges DKBA renegades to return to mother organisation

The Karen National Union (KNU) has called on a breakaway faction of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) to disband and re-join the KNU, just nine months after the renegades, led by Saw Kyaw Thet and Saw San Aung, broke away from the DKBA....DVB

Challenges and Opportunities for Karen Armed Struggle in a Democratic and Open Burma


Soldiers from the breakaway Democratic Karen Buddhist Army clashed with the government militia, the Border Guard Force, in Htee Poe Zan village tract near Kawkareik at....Karen News

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Ongoing military operations by the Burma Army and government militia against DKBA forces are a threat to the peace process, Karen military leaders and community organisations warn...Karen News

Burma Peace Process and Proxy Economic Counter-Insurgency

For most of its first forty years of sixty seven resistance history, roughly from 1949-1994, the Karen National Liberation Army had engaged in mass battles with the Burma Army with deadly results on both sides. ....Read More

Activists damn Salween plans

Campaigners say that plans for a series of dams on the Thanlwin River will force the relocation of tens of thousands of people, threaten the peace process and inundate pristine environments....Frontier Myanmar

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On June 17, a battalion commander from the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army and twenty of his troops left their base and reunited with the Karen National Liberation Army, the military wing of the Karen National Union.....Read More

Karen Fighter to compete in Myanmar ONE Championship

Saw Ba Oo, 27, who trains with the famed Taung Ka Lay lethwei gym in Hpa’an, Kayin State, competed in ONE Championship’s Kingdom of Warriors in July 2015, where he overpowered Dawna Aung with a rain of floor blows for a victory....Myanmar Times

As 96 refugees prepare to return from Thailand, Karen groups say it is too early for repatriation

Nearly 100 Karen refugees will be repatriated to Myanmar from a camp in Thailand next week, according to government officials. The 96 refugees currently staying at the Nu Po refugee camp in Thailand’s Tak province are slated to return over two days, October 25 and 26....Myanmar Times

Karen Times interviewed Saw Po Clee, a high ranking member of the KNU's team leading Karen armed groups on a tour of Indonesia's Ache province to study and learn more about peace process in that country. 

It was no secret that under President Thein Sein’s government the Karen National Union was it best supporter and ally of any ethnic armed groups. For the past five years relationship between....Read more

The Death of General Saw Lah Pwe and What It Means for the Future of the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army

Ninety refugees set to return to Karen State

Ninety residents of the Nu Po refugee camp in Thailand’s Tak Province are set to return to Burma next week in the first round of official repatriations for refugees since a peace deal was struck late last year...DVB

When Padoh Ba Thein Sein was elected by the KNU Congress in 1998 as the new chairman of the Karen armed group, he recognized and made it known to the international community that KNU was fighting against not only....Read more

KWO Hold Meeting to Discuss Refugee Resettlement

A group led by the Karen Women’s Organisation (KWO) met with residents of ten villages in Htantabin Township in the Karen National Union (KNU)-controlled district of Taungoo to find out their views on refugee resettlement.....BNI

KNU Invites DKBA Splinter Group to ‘Reunite’ Under its Leadership

 The largest ethnic Karen armed group, the Karen National Union (KNU), has welcomed a fringe Karen armed group, the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army, to “reunite” under the KNU’s leadership....Irrawaddy

DKBA Splinter Group Clashes with Burma Army, Casualties Reported

Casualties were reported in fighting between a splinter group of the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army (DKBA) and a joint force of the Burma Army and the allied Border Guard Force (BGF) on Wednesday in Kawkareik Township of Karen State....Irrawaddy

On March 13, DKBA’s leader General Saw Lah Pwe peacefully passed away in Bago Hospital after years of battling throat cancer. At 55 he was physically still young by any standard.....Read more

The Karen resistance movement was founded based on four guiding principles laid out by Saw Ba Oo Gyi, the father of modern Karen revolution.For many Karen nationalists, no matter at...Read Mores

As Aung San Su Kyi’s NLD Takes the Helm, What Does It mean for the Future Relationship Between the New Government and the Karen National Union? 

Behind the frontlines, as conflict flares in Kayin State

Fighting between the Tatmadaw, an ethnic Kayin Border Guard Force and a breakaway group from the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army has mostly subsided but the 4,000 people displaced are refusing to return home....Frontier Myanmar

How the Karen National Liberation Army Can Take on the Burma Tatmadaw With Less Resource and Manpower  

What Is Holding Up Unification Among the Karen Armed Groups?

Karen and Mon Armed Groups Leaders Agree on Measures to Try to Prevent Future Conflicts

Leaders from the Karen National Union and the News Mon State Party agreed more effort is needed to prevent territorial disputes between the two groups. Both parties met on October 15, at an undisclosed location on the Thai-Burma border to discuss....BNI

It is no secret that the majority of Karen people see continued armed struggle as a necessary course of action to realize our dream of freedom and an autonomous Karen state....Read more