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How Would A Federal Burma Under The Existing State Boundary Disadvantage Karen State and Karen Community

It is commonly agreed by experts, political analysts, ethnic communities and foreign leaders that federalism will be the best political system in Burma to resolve the country’s decades old armed conflict between the central...Read more

Illegal Log Trade Continues On Salween River

​The 25 tons of teak logs recently seized on the Salween River in Karen State show that the illegal trade persists despite a nationwide logging ban. The teak logs were seized by an armed wing of the Karen National Union (KNU) along with Thai military after they were found...Irrawaddy

Displaced families in Kayin allowed to return home after landmine clearance

With the flare-up of deadly clashes in Kayin State now over, the state government is preparing to return villagers who had fled the fighting to their homes in the Mae Tha Wor area of Hlaingbwe township...Myanmar Times

"One of the real contributing factors to the conflict in Aceh was due to the unequal sharing of economic wealth between Gum and central Indonesian government. The central government, led by former dictator Suharto, controlled most of the natural resources in the province. Consequently this led to armed conflict." Read more

The Challenge of Balancing Pragmatism and Idealism in the Karen Struggle for Political Autonomy 

Karen Times interviewed Saw Po Clee, a high ranking member of the KNU's team leading Karen armed groups on a tour of Indonesia's Ache province to study and learn more about peace process in that country. 

It was no secret that under President Thein Sein’s government the Karen National Union was it best supporter and ally of any ethnic armed groups. For the past five years relationship between....Read more

Burma Peace Process and Proxy Economic Counter-Insurgency

For most of its first forty years of sixty seven resistance history, roughly from 1949-1994, the Karen National Liberation Army had engaged in mass battles with the Burma Army with deadly results on both sides. ....Read More

The Death of General Saw Lah Pwe and What It Means for the Future of the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army

Karen IDPs ‘not safe to go home yet’ due to landmines

Due to the prevalence of landmines in the Maethawaw area, it is unsafe for displaced persons (IDPs) from the recent fighting to return to their homes, according to the local ethnic Karen Border Guard Force (BGF), which is operating under Burmese army command....DVB

KNLA: Current Military Movement in Karen State Threatens Terms of NCA

Military activity and tension at the site of the Hat Gyi dam in Karen State threatens a breakdown of Burma’s nationwide ceasefire agreement (NCA) as concerns grow over potential clashes between the Burma Army and the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA)...Irrawaddy

Karen farming methods ‘good for the climate’

THE CYCLICAL cultivation system and local wisdom practised by Karen communities can mitigate climate change and global warming, global experts have said.That bold statement came at the climate conference in Paris last year, which sought to find ways to limit rising global...Bangkok Post

KNU Vice-Chair Explains Peace Process to Refugees

The Karen National Union (KNU)’s vice-chair Padoh Naw Zipporah Sein visited Mae La, the largest Burmese refugee camp on the Thai-Burma border and explained the ongoing peace process to about 1,000 refugees...BNI

Salween dams threaten river communities 

The Thai government's recent push to speed up its energy investment in Myanmar's Salween River contradicts its own effrots to warn Thai investors from operating overseas projects that violates human rights...Bangkok Post

Myanmar refugees in Mae Hong Son province face repatriation

Thai and Myanmar authorities are registering Myanmar refugees who fled to Mae Hong Son province for repatriation, it was disclosed at the Thai-Myanmar Township Border Committee (TBC)'s meeting Thursday...The Nation

For Many US Karen Men, Being Left Heart Broken and Forced To Pay Child Support Is A Hard Pill To Tkae

Legal Analysis Statement on current armed conflict in Karen State from the perspective of human rights and the rule of law vis-a-vis the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement

Since the second week of September 2016, fighting has resumed between the DKBA and Burmese Army and its subsidiary Karen Border Guard Force...Burma Link

When Padoh Ba Thein Sein was elected by the KNU Congress in 1998 as the new chairman of the Karen armed group, he recognized and made it known to the international community that KNU was fighting against not only....Read more

Nearly 12,000 refugees from Burma resettle in US since last year

The resettlement of refugees from Middle Eastern countries, particularly Syria, has been the center of a heated political debate after President Barack Obama last year pledged to resettle at least 10,000 refugees from the war-torn country in the United States....DVB

On March 13, DKBA’s leader General Saw Lah Pwe peacefully passed away in Bago Hospital after years of battling throat cancer. At 55 he was physically still young by any standard.....Read more

The Karen resistance movement was founded based on four guiding principles laid out by Saw Ba Oo Gyi, the father of modern Karen revolution.For many Karen nationalists, no matter at...Read Mores

As Aung San Su Kyi’s NLD Takes the Helm, What Does It mean for the Future Relationship Between the New Government and the Karen National Union? 

Civilians Bear the Brunt of Ongoing Karen State Conflict

I feel sad when I see villagers fleeing for their lives; it reminds me of my childhood. Every time I see people displaced due to war, I remember when I fled my own home,” said Hay Plah, a former refugee who recently visited a displaced persons shelter in Myaing Gyi Ngu...Irrawaddy

Eyewitness on the Front Line

It looks, smells, and feels like a war zone. The highway is lined with military vehicles and 120mm artillery guns point up into the mountains where rebel troops from a Democratic Karen Benevolent Army (DKBA) splinter group hide...Irrawaddy

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Government troops claim they have now taken control of the Mae Tha Waw area in Karen State following weeks of intense fighting....Karen News

On June 17, a battalion commander from the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army and twenty of his troops left their base and reunited with the Karen National Liberation Army, the military wing of the Karen National Union.....Read More

How the Karen National Liberation Army Can Take on the Burma Tatmadaw With Less Resource and Manpower  

Most Karens Say Continued Armed Struggle Is Necessary, But Few Are Willing To Sacrifice and Contribute To Its Success

When Saw Htoo and his wife came to the United States in 2008 with three children, he was full of joy and hope to start a new life. Before coming to the U.S, Saw Htoo and his family had been living in....Read more

What Is Holding Up Unification Among the Karen Armed Groups?

With the November 2010 release of Aung San Sui Kyi from house arrest, visit of US Secretary of  State Clinton in November 2011, and ceasefire agreements of early 2012, a number of outside opportunists...Read more

DKBA renegade leader said to be ‘still alive and fighting

The Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) renegade faction has denied reports that its leader, Col. Saw San Aung, had been killed in a clash with Burmese government forces.The group’s spokesperson, Ye Htet, told DVB on Tuesday...DVB

Karen IDPs ‘not safe to go home yet’ due to landmines

Due to the prevalence of landmines in the Maethawaw area, it is unsafe for displaced persons (IDPs) from the recent fighting to return to their homes, according to the local ethnic Karen Border Guard Force (BGF), which is operating under Burmese army command....DVB

Five Refugees from Mae La Camp Arrested for Illegal Logging

The Thai authorities arrested five men from Mae La refugee camp, located in Tha Song Yang District, Tak Province, on 17 September for alleged illegal logging. Thai Rangers, Forest Rangers, Thai Police and Mae La camp security officials came into the camp....BNI

Head of KNU Mining Department Urges Close Supervision of Mining

Padoh Saw Kae Le, the head of the Karen National Union (KNU) Mining Department called for close supervision of mining in KNU areas.He made the comments at the department’s annual meeting held from 20 to 21 September in Lay Kay Kaw Myothit in Hlaingbwe Township...BNI

Burma Army Officers Pressure Karen State IDPs to Return Home Amid Fighting

Burma Army officers tried to convince displaced ethnic Karen on Thursday to return to their villages, despite continuous daily fighting in Karen State’s Mae Tha Waw area, The Irrawaddy has learned....Irrawaddy

It is no secret that the majority of Karen people see continued armed struggle as a necessary course of action to realize our dream of freedom and an autonomous Karen state....Read more

Challenges and Opportunities for Karen Armed Struggle in a Democratic and Open Burma